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Without knowing it, your customers run the risk every day of theft or fraudulent use of their personal data (banking, identity documents) through their digital uses: identification, banking settlement, online process…

Protecting your customers from identity theft means protecting your company from future identity fraud through a highly secure authentication system.

Choosing a French and independent solution means offering its customers a digital identity that meets the highest security standards and guarantees respect for their privacy. We want to.

Emilie Thebault, founder of Serendptech

Our product : Seren.ID

Seren.ID is a mobile app that instantly checks the authenticity of an identity title and the identity of its owner.


A quick and easy identification journey for the user

Download the application and register (mail & phone)
Identification (ID scan / NFC technology)
Facial recognition (selfie)
Authentication successful!
An application to quickly identify yourself, whatever the use
  • Compatible with over 500 million identity documents worldwide
  • An electronic signature with legal value
  • An advanced cryptology package
  • Fully digitised and outsourced identity management, paperless transactions, without staff costs
  • A fast implementation in your information systems, accessible to all and without interruption in the customer acquisition process
  • A certified management tool that meets the latest European (GDPR, KYC, DSP2, eIDAS) and American regulations, and updates from leading online service providers
  • Available on major operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • An affordable license, with sliding rates and complementary services on demand


Compliance and Security


Serendptech meets your compliance challenges

  • Compliance with European regulations and directives
    most recent: GDPR, DPS2, eIDAS, …
  • Recognition of SerendpTech by the French authorities: ANSSI and SGMAP

Seren.ID, the most secure solution on the market

  • A solution that instantly detects
    identity fraud
  • An economic model that gives users
    control of their personal datas
  • A solidity and reliability recognized by our first
    banking and legal clients

Be serene

Customer Relationship Services Transformation

  • Help with the digitalisation of sales and contact points
  • End of administrative complexity
  • Instant Authentication
  • Proximity, simplification and humanization of the commercial relationship

A real plus for your business

  • A better customer acquisition
  • A service adapted to all sectors (banking, insurance, retail, retail, services, telephone operators, etc.)
  • Affordable licensing and complementary services on demand
  • A completely paperless application, without personal costs

A team of cybersecurity experts

Serendptech brings together a team of cybersecurity and personal data experts
45 years of accumulated experience
15 internal and external developers

Notre expertise :

  • eIDAS (july 2016) Electronic Identification and Trust Services
  • Privacy by design : GDPR (April 2016) General Data Protection Regulation
  • DPS 2 (january 2018) Payment Services Directive II
  • NIS Directive (Network and Information security)
  • US NYS recommendations
  • FIDO Alliance recommandations

Nos partenaires institutionnels :

  • ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information
  • SGMAP: Secrétariat Général à la modernisation de l’action publique
  • Gendarmerie Nationale
Emilie Thebault

Emilie Thebault

Cyril Murie

Cyril Murie

Strategic advisor
Jean-Guillaume Larue

Jean-Guillaume Larue


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